Mathematics is the science of studying quantities, spaces, structures, models and changes. In this regard, there are no aspects of human activities independent of math. Although the history of math spans a few millennia, the modern world which is the product of math-based science and technology relies more than ever on math’s science for its development. Math is the river running spring water which quenches the thirst of a variety of people who are mesmerized by either logic and deduction or applied scientists who want to solve the tangible problems of the current life. The dual face of mathematics in applied and theoretical fields cause a dispersion of math students in a vast range of majors such as pure math, computer science, engineering, economics, medicine, and almost all branches of science and technologies.

The Faculty of Mathematics of Shahid Beheshti University educates students in statistics, actuary, mathematics, applied and industrial math and also computer and data science in bachelor, master and Ph.D. levels.

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